Summer School | Midweek Lectures

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the different ideas and doctrines of our faith, or have some deeper questions about what these ideas mean for you life? Then come to Solus Summer School! Join us on Sundays this summer (June through July) as Pastor Andrew explores the Nine-ologies -- nine different, essential doctrines of our faith we believe every Christian should understand. Then on Thursday nights, at 7PM in the Many But One Dance Studio, we'll dive into the deeper questions of our faith, such as how can I know God exists? Why does He allow evil and suffering in our world? How do I know the Bible is really His word? We have several guest speakers lined up for these Midweek Lectures to help us navigate these difficult questions. We're excited to see how God strengthens our church in knowledge and grace through this summer series!


Church community is much more than what we do on Sunday mornings. It's the body of Christ coming together on a regular basis to do life together, with Jesus at the center of it all. If you really want to get to know Solus Church, join one of our Solus Communities! We come together as a family to share a meal, pray, and deepen our relationships with the Lord and each other every week. We have multiple groups in different locations to meet the needs of your schedule. Once you sign up, a member of the group will contact you to give more details. We look forward to connecting with you on a deeper level!

**Solus Communities are kid-friendly.